Since 2009


Need to optimize vehicle performances that exceeds factory standards? 


Do it with titanium. Honesti22 titanium!


Use our professional know-how for titanium auto fasteners to increase your racing speeds. We serve small and large customers.


Every fastener is created in house using ultimate machining including hydraulic hammers, vacuum annealing furnaces, peelers, CNC routers, anodizers, coaters, wire cutters, plus punching, grinding, milling, sawing, and shearing machines.


We strictly follow SAE International standards on vehicle lug nuts and bolts, including standards J2315_202004, J2316_201207, J2283_201210, and J1102_20161.


Fully Staffed, Technical Team – three scientific research personnel, 10 senior engineers, 12 technicians, five quality control inspectors, and hundreds of employees


Take advantage of competitive prices, accurate delivery time, good after-sales service and free technical consultation.